Oct 11, 2008

Making Cookies With Brax

So Sunday I was in the bathroom getting ready. When Brax came in asking me to make cookies. He was so wanting to help it was cute. I thought I should post a few of the pictures that Gar took while we were making cookies

The whole time Brax kept asking if he could lick the scope of the cookie dough. So when we were all done, I finally let him lick the scope. He loved it.

Oct 5, 2008

15 Week Check Up

Just wanted to update everyone on the baby. All is well. Growing and moving like crazy!!! This is a picture of the head and body and heartbeat.If you look close you can see the hand up by the face. We also planned the BIG Ultrasound to find out what we are having on Halloween!!! So we will let you all know what we are having that day!!! I am still sick :( I wish that this would go away. But the only good thing is it is not as bad as it was the first 3 months.