Jan 12, 2010


The Nerf Guns
Braxton and his Drum Set
Caiden and his Haul
Braxton and his HAUL

Waiting to go and see what Santa Brought

Christmas Day was GREAT !!!! I know what you are thinking. . . did they really give Braxton a Drum Set ? Well YES we did!!! Braxton has a talent on those things. Caiden loved the paper and the boxes. Brax and Gary got some Nerf gun's. It was really nice to get together with all the family and friends!!!

Christmas Eve

The Nativity
Gary on Santa's Lap
The Boys with Santa

Grammy and Papa with the Grandkids

Grandma and the Boys

OK I know that Christmas was a while ago. I am sorry I have been slacking on my blog. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. We spent this at my Grandma's house. It was so nice we had a special visitor and all. We did the nativity which was great. In our family our tradition is to get new Christmas PJ's and this year my mom decided that she is not going to do this anymore we have to do our own family.