Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Every Year Santa Come to our Family Christmas Eve Party. Brax Loves SANTA

Braxton Sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. It was so cute!!!!

This was at the end of the night. Brax was really tired and wanting to go home not have his picture taken.

Dec 18, 2008

Happy Birthday STEVE !!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear DAD, Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Yes today is also my dad's birthday!!! 18years ago Stephanie Kay was born on my dad's Birthday!!!!
Hope you have a Great BirthMONTH also !!!
Hope you get your chocolate donuts!!!!

Happy Birthday STEVI # 18

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear STEVI, Happy Birthday to you !!!!
As many of you know Stevi does not have a birthDAY, she has a birthMONTH!!!
But today is her GOLDEN Birthday she is the BIG 18!!!!!
She can now vote and be treated like an ADULT(Almost)!!!
Happy Birthday Girl Love you !!

Kurt Bestor

Kati and Stevi Gary and Kristi Mom , Kati, Stevi, Dad
Last friday night we had the chance to go to the 20th Anniversary Kurt Bestor Christmas Concert. It was such a fun night. We went down with my my parents, Kati meet us there. It was really nice to get a night a way from Braxton(Thanks Grammie and Papa Cooper).I always love going to Kurt Bestor it always make it feel so much more like Christmas.

Dec 6, 2008

Kati and Ty

YEAH !!!! KATI and TY ARE ENGAGED!!!!! I am so happy that my little sister has found her SOUL MATE!!!! I am not kidding on that the are PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!! I am so happy !!! Kati and Ty have dated for 2 months and got engaged last night. The ring is amazing !!!Ty did a wounderful job with that. We love you both . Brax really really likes Ty.


OK I know it has been a while since my last post I am sorry!!! This year I had to cook!!! Scary very!!!! The turkey turned out well!!! Gar told me that if I burned the turkey we were going to find a chinese resturant in the area. nice huh!!!!

Nov 2, 2008

Halloween Night

Brax was so excited to go Trick or Treating!! He kept asking can we go can we go. So finaly we let him get realy. We went to a couple of houses around our neighborhood. Then we went up to Grammie and Papa Poulsen's and went Trick or Treating up there. Brax got so much candy!!! He was so fun to watch. It will be so much fun next year to have TWO Trick or Treaters.

Trick or Treat Street

So Saturday Oct 25th my dad called me and asked what we were doing and if we wanted to go down to Salt Lake To go down to the Trick or Treat Street. We went down it was so much fun!!!! Thanks Dad

KSL Was a Sponser so we had to get a cute picture in front of hummer with the Channel 5 Logo on it.

There was this cute pumpkin there and Brax wanted a picture in front of it with his Daddie.

By the End of the night Brax had to TWO HAND his Bucket there was so much candy in there.

Carving Pumpkins

So we decided to carve pumpkins a little later then we had planned. But I am glad that we did I am so happy the way SOME of them turned out. Brax had a Blast

Brax and Daddy Carving pumpkins

Gary is an amazing carver!!!

Gar carved the Nightmare Befor Chirstmas Guy and SpongeBob(this was brax's favorite)

Grandma's Halloween Party

Every year Grandma has her Annual Halloween Party!! We love this we always have so much FUN.

Family Photo Gary(Bomb Tech) Kristi(Witch) Brax(Batman)

Stevi and Kati the Gangster's

Brax playing the donut game

Brax Playing Twister

Oct 19, 2008

We Found out What We Are Having.......

That's right we are having another little Boy!!!! We have decided on Caiden Lloyd Cooper. Hope you all like it.

Oct 11, 2008

Making Cookies With Brax

So Sunday I was in the bathroom getting ready. When Brax came in asking me to make cookies. He was so wanting to help it was cute. I thought I should post a few of the pictures that Gar took while we were making cookies

The whole time Brax kept asking if he could lick the scope of the cookie dough. So when we were all done, I finally let him lick the scope. He loved it.

Oct 5, 2008

15 Week Check Up

Just wanted to update everyone on the baby. All is well. Growing and moving like crazy!!! This is a picture of the head and body and heartbeat.If you look close you can see the hand up by the face. We also planned the BIG Ultrasound to find out what we are having on Halloween!!! So we will let you all know what we are having that day!!! I am still sick :( I wish that this would go away. But the only good thing is it is not as bad as it was the first 3 months.

Sep 28, 2008

Bonnie Weekend !!!!

So this weekend my best friend came to visit from Georgia. It was so much fun to hang out with her. We went out and saw her last year. So it was her turn to come here. It has been 8 years since she has been out here.

We went to the Zoo and it was so fun Brax, loved having her here. Here are a couple of picture from the Zoo. Braxton's favorite animal was the Giraffe's

Brax and Mommie looking at the Giraffe's. Being preganant and WALKING all around the zoo and gateway. (Which was not here when bonnie was here. Alot of things have changed in the last 8 years.)

Sep 25, 2008


Braxton and Stevi and Daddy playing with his NEW side walk chalk. I loved the pictures so I had to post them.




So we went to the Circus yesterday. It was so much fun my aunt from Idaho got to come with us which was really fun. My aunt Tammy and Cousin Amiee also came with us which was really fun. Braxton and Amiee loved the whole thing. We just wanted to say Thanks Dad for the ticket's it was a blast.

Sep 17, 2008


OK so you know that I am 13 week's prego. Well most of the time they say that the morning sickness(mine is ALL DAY) should stop at the 3 month Mark?!?!?!?! WELL I am lucky enough to STILL BE sick. I am so hoping that this will stop some time soon!!! You see this is all new to me. Braxton was the easiest. I was not sick at all. I vomited once, and that was it. So I was like I can handle this prego thing. But if it is going to be like this I am DONE!!!!

Sep 13, 2008


Today we got VIP tickets to the AST Dew Tour from my Dad. It was really funny we got there and saw the Line that went around the block to get in. I was thinking we are never going to get in here. Then a lady that worked there told me you don't have to stand in line you can go up to the front and go in there. It was really nice to walk past the 100's of people waiting in line. Then I find out that we have VIP seating also.

We had so much fun Braxton loved to watch the Motorcross. It was really funny we were there for a total of five min's and Braxton told us that he wanted a bike like this(Dirt Bike).We had so much fun. As we were leaving we saw Ryan Sheckler's (For those of you who don't know who he is, he's a pro skater) Mom and little Brother. Which was really cool. Thanks again Dad for the VIP Ticket's

Sep 8, 2008

Baby # 2 is on the WAY !!!!!

OK So I figured I better let the rest of you in on our news..........WE ARE 3 MONTHS PREGO !!!!! We are so excited !!!!! But this one is totally different then Braxton was. With Braxton I was not sick at all with Braxton I threw up TWICE !!! But this one is totally different I am nauseated and heartburn, and tired all the time!!!
I have had one ultrasound, which was a little nerve racking because one doc could not find the baby so she when and grabbed another Doc and for a min he could not find it either. But then he looked a little lower and found the little one. But all is good and we get another ultrasound next time and they said they might be able to find out what we are having !!!!!

Old School Gaming....

Ok so I could not find out find Gary and Braxton so I looked in Braxton's room and this is what I found. Brax and Gary playing Mario Cart on N64. So I ran and got my camera and snapped a cute picture.

Sep 3, 2008

What Princess are you ?

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Which Disney Princess Are You?

Fish Lake

Ok you those who know me, know that I am not a "CAMPER". I did infact marry in to a family of campers. So the Cooper family decided that we were going to go to Fish Lake. Which is 4 hours away from home. So we left Thursday at 2. Brax did great he sleep most of the way down there. So we went Fishing( which I have never done in my life !!!!!). I was the entertainment of the weekend. I was given a fishing pole to hold and no info on what to do if I got a bite or anything. So Gar and I are sitting there talking and I got a bite. The pole almost fell out of my hands. So this fishing trip with Craig (my father-in-law), Brax loved the boat and loved the fresh air and the wild life. Sorry the point of my story is that we went out again with my Brother and Sister-in-law(Cris and Nat). This time I was alittle more aware of what to do with the fishing pole. Well this time around I caught TWO fish one being the BIGGEST FISH of the whole weekend. Cris was laughing at me saying that I was going to only have a head and a scale cause I was realing in the fish so fast. But I am glad to stay that I think that was the last time I am going camping,.

Aug 19, 2008

Bee's Game

I just found this picture on another card that I have. I loved this picture of Brax and Gar. We went to the Bees game. Braxton loved the game he got a bat that he does not put down.

Aug 17, 2008

Park City Weekend (More)

Gar loves to swim. This was the pool at our hotel. It was a indoor pool, so I was reading my book instead of swimming.(Breaking Dawm)

Park City Weekend

So this weekend Gar and I went up to Park City to celebrate our 5th Anniversity. We had so much fun but it was really weird to be doing all this stuff with out Brax. We both really missed him. Thanks Grammie and Papa Poulsen for watching Brax so that we could go up to Park City

Aug 14, 2008

I love this picture of Brax. He got these chops stick's and would not let them down.
So we decided to try and do a family picture. Here is the ONE that I liked of my family.