Nov 2, 2008

Halloween Night

Brax was so excited to go Trick or Treating!! He kept asking can we go can we go. So finaly we let him get realy. We went to a couple of houses around our neighborhood. Then we went up to Grammie and Papa Poulsen's and went Trick or Treating up there. Brax got so much candy!!! He was so fun to watch. It will be so much fun next year to have TWO Trick or Treaters.

Trick or Treat Street

So Saturday Oct 25th my dad called me and asked what we were doing and if we wanted to go down to Salt Lake To go down to the Trick or Treat Street. We went down it was so much fun!!!! Thanks Dad

KSL Was a Sponser so we had to get a cute picture in front of hummer with the Channel 5 Logo on it.

There was this cute pumpkin there and Brax wanted a picture in front of it with his Daddie.

By the End of the night Brax had to TWO HAND his Bucket there was so much candy in there.

Carving Pumpkins

So we decided to carve pumpkins a little later then we had planned. But I am glad that we did I am so happy the way SOME of them turned out. Brax had a Blast

Brax and Daddy Carving pumpkins

Gary is an amazing carver!!!

Gar carved the Nightmare Befor Chirstmas Guy and SpongeBob(this was brax's favorite)

Grandma's Halloween Party

Every year Grandma has her Annual Halloween Party!! We love this we always have so much FUN.

Family Photo Gary(Bomb Tech) Kristi(Witch) Brax(Batman)

Stevi and Kati the Gangster's

Brax playing the donut game

Brax Playing Twister