Dec 18, 2008

Happy Birthday STEVE !!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear DAD, Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Yes today is also my dad's birthday!!! 18years ago Stephanie Kay was born on my dad's Birthday!!!!
Hope you have a Great BirthMONTH also !!!
Hope you get your chocolate donuts!!!!

Happy Birthday STEVI # 18

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear STEVI, Happy Birthday to you !!!!
As many of you know Stevi does not have a birthDAY, she has a birthMONTH!!!
But today is her GOLDEN Birthday she is the BIG 18!!!!!
She can now vote and be treated like an ADULT(Almost)!!!
Happy Birthday Girl Love you !!

Kurt Bestor

Kati and Stevi Gary and Kristi Mom , Kati, Stevi, Dad
Last friday night we had the chance to go to the 20th Anniversary Kurt Bestor Christmas Concert. It was such a fun night. We went down with my my parents, Kati meet us there. It was really nice to get a night a way from Braxton(Thanks Grammie and Papa Cooper).I always love going to Kurt Bestor it always make it feel so much more like Christmas.