Jun 27, 2009

Playing with the Cousins

Brax, Molly, Kim, Mia
Molly loves her popsicle

Grandma and Caiden

Brax on the slip'n'slide

Brax and Mia in the pool

Mia and Brax

So today Kim and I decided to get the kids together so they could play. We meet at my mom's house and did the Slip'N'Slide and the pool. Then the kids decided to ride bikes around the block. It so much fun to have the Millards back so the kid can play.

Jun 23, 2009

Kati & Tyson 6.20.09

Leaving the reception
Kati & Brax & Tyson (Braxton's Favorite Uncle)

Kati and Braxton

Kati and Tyson with all the nephews and nieces

Kati and Tyson at the Temple

So here are a few shot's of Kati and Tyson's Wedding. It was such a great day. I felt so bad for Kati and Tyson. They both got sick!!! Well I would have to say most of the family got sick !! It would be easier to tell you who did not get sick. Best Wishes Kati and Tyson Love you Both.