Oct 25, 2009

8 Months Old

Wow does time Fly!!!! Caiden is 8 months !!!! Caiden has 2 teeth on the bottom.
He is rolling like crazy!!!
He weights 17.9lbs(thanks to our doctors visit Friday night)
Caiden is starting to crawl he is scooting all over and rolling all over !!! We go to the Kidney Doctor and have his 9Th month old visit.


OK so Thursday night Brax come in to our room in the middle of the night with a fever and stating that his tummy hurts. So I think nothing of it and have him come lay down with me and gave him some Motrin. Friday morning get up to go to work and Brax is worse!!!! So I decide that I am not going to take my child to Daycare and PRESCHOOL, when he is sick. So we are laying around all day and my phone rings it Braxton's preschool teacher..... One of the kids has the SWINE FLU so if you kids has any symptoms take him in to get tested. (Mind you this is 5pm on Friday evening). So I call my ped's office and luckily they are open 24 hours!!!! I make and appt for both the boys to get tested. 9pm was the time that I could take them in.

So take the boys in and Braxton's temp was 102.6 the highest it has been all DAY !!!! Caiden just has a cold. So the swabbed Brax's nose. Not the funnest thing in the world. Then the doctor come in and examines the boys and the nurse come back in and says "HIS FLU IS POSITIVE " The words that i was DREADING !!!!! So they gave him Tami Flu for two reasons....

1-Caiden has a MAJOR Medical Condition

2-We caught the symptom's in the first 48 hours

So I have to say watch out to anyone that has been by my kiddos. But the doctor said that he thinks that we are OK since his fever did not start till Thursday NIGHT and he was not around anyone except family after that.