Apr 27, 2009

Not Just Brothers, Best Friends

So I took the boys to get their pictures done on Saturday . He is what we came home with!!! Hope you all enjoy. Is it me or does Brax look a lot older then he is ??

Influenza A & B

Ok so all weekend Caiden has not been acting like him self. So Sunday we went down to my cousin Drews homecoming and he was really not acting like him self so we came home right after the meeting. When we got home Caiden vomited all over. I was depating on wether or not to go to work today. Cause when I woke up Caiden has a fever and i feed him and he vomited the whole thing back up. So I called the doc and he said to bring him in to get him checked with his Kidney issues. So I took him in to the doc and found that he has Both Influenza A and Influenza B. Which is not good. The good new's that he has gaid weight since his last visit he is not 11 lbs. We have to go back to the doctor on Thursday!!! I will keep you updated!!!!

Apr 26, 2009

Tree House Fun!!!

China Town
Making a rainy day umbrella

Fireman Braxton

Jen and Carter
This is what Caiden did all day at the Tree house

Yesterday my friend Jen and I took our kids out to the Tree House Museum. It was really fun the kids played and had so much fun together. We are so glad that we ran in to Jen again. Now we have friends to play with again !!!!

Chuck E Cheese

Daddy and Brax Playing gun's
Brax and Mr. Cheese

Brax and Daddy Playing Ball
Brax and Daddy Playing around

The other night we went to Chuck E Chees, to let Brax play around. Brax has been so good with Caiden and all the changes that have come to his little world. We figured that we needed to let him get his play on!!!