Mar 5, 2009

Bath Time !!!!

Braxton taking a picture of Caiden with his camera.

Loving his Bath Time !!!!

So tonight we gave Caiden his first Bath !!! Thanks to Grammy Poulsen!!! Caiden loves the bath just like his daddy and Braxton. He really likes it when I wash his hair.
Caiden had a doctor's appointment today just to that the pediatrician could look over him and see how thing are. Caiden is 6 LBS 15 oz. 20 1/2 inches long. So he is growing which is good. He still has a little bit of blood in his urine. So we do have to head down to primary to see the kidney doctor down there.
It has been so nice to have the whole family back together!!!

Mar 2, 2009


OK I have to give a big congrat's to my mom and dad for making it 30 years together!!! I know that this is not he best picture but it the on;y one that I have of them that is recent!! I just hope that I will be as happy and in love when we have been married for 30 years like they have!!! Kim, Kati and Stevi this means that we only have 20 years for the 50 year anniversary party !!! WE need to start planning!!! LOL Love you Mom and DaD

WE ARE HOME !!!!!!

Papa Cooper Holding Caiden for the FIRST TIME !!!

Grandma Poulsen holding Caiden for the FIRST TIME !!

Stevi holding Caiden for the FIRST TIME !!!

Braxton holding Caiden for the FIRST TIME !!!

Riding down the elevator in the hospital on our way HOME!!!!!

IT IS OFFICIAL!!!! We are HOME !!!! Our family is now complete!!! It was nice and weird leaving the hospital today WITH Caiden !!!! I just want to thank and the Nurses and Doctor's at the McKay Dee NICU!!!! It was also nice to get him home and let a few people that have not been able to hold him get a chance. Stevi and Grandma Poulsen got to hold him. Papa Cooper also held him for the first time since he was born (he did not want to Break him)!!!

I am hoping that Caiden with sleep some what thought the night!! That has been a plus not having to wake up in the night to feed him for the last to weeks. I will most likley not be posting every day now but I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for Caiden it has helped