Feb 7, 2009

Hospital Trip # 1

each time he asked.

Well we had a little of excitement last night. I got home from work and had been having contractions all day. But when I got home they were getting close and stronger. Gar asked me what I wanted to do tonight...... I told him we are going to the HOSPITAL !!!! I am having contractions 5 Min's apart. Gar was so sweet the whole way to the hospital he was asking me how are you what is your pain at ? The funny thing is that every time he asked me the speed of the car kept getting higher and higher

So we get to the hospital and they check me in and hook me up to the monitors. (If you take your 3 1/2 year old Bring TOYS!!!!) Brax and Gar were so sweet to stay with me. My contractions got to be 3 Min's apart at this time. So Dr. Smithing was called and talked to me told me that I have to have 3 test done. A Group B Strep, a fFN(to see if I was in pre term labor), and a cervix check. Gar and Brax went and got dinner during these tests.

So the contractions got to be 1-2 mins apart. So I was told that I would have to stay over night and get med's to try and stop the contractions. I got in a room at 11:00. Gar and Brax when home and Brax got to spend the next morning at Grandma Poulsen's house (THANKS GRANDMA FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!) ! Gar had to work today.

So I still was having contractions at 3:30 am got more meds!!!! Stopped the contractions. Dr. Smithing let me go home, as long as I don't lift the "Mini Coop" and lay down and to call him if the contractions start up again.

Also THANKS DAD for coming and picking me up at the hospital and taking me to get Brax and taking us home!!!! I am still having contractions but not to bad!!!! So hopefuly we can keep Caiden baking a few week's longer.

Feb 6, 2009

Feb 4, 2009

More Coming .....

This is just one of the great photo's that my awesome cousin Jackie took of us. I will post more when I get them!!!! THANKS AGAIN JACKIE !!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

Feb 1, 2009


So, I know that I have not posted anything for a while !!! I am sorry!!! I have been really busy. I have to go to the doctor 3 times a week now. 2 times for a NST (None Stress Test ). This is not fun let me tell you !!!! I have to go to Ogden for these and now work in Bountiful, which makes for a great day.

So you are thinking why is this post called pictures. We did some FUN pictures yesterday. Thanks to my great cousin Jackie!!! We did some family shot's some prego shot's which were really fun. I will post some of the pictures when I get them.

I hope this finds you all well. I am now 32 weeks and have but only have 46 DAYS left. Yeah I get to have Caiden 1 week early due to the fact that I have to have a C-Section!!!! I will keep you all updated it might be sooner I am having contractions now!!!!!