Mar 14, 2009


So the last month has gone by SO FAST !!! I can't believe that my baby is a month old!!! He is such a joy in our lives !!! It is a true blessing to have such a sweet little angle here on earth with us!!! I also wanted to thank everyone that has helped with this feeding's and babysitting Braxton. Caiden is doing great!!! Caiden eats every 3-4 hours, not sleeping through the night yet but I am hoping soon!!


Mommy and Braxton
Braxton loved the Lion King

Flounder is my favorite of the shows that were shown today.

Grandma, Aimee, Braxton, Tam after the show.

Today we went to Disney on Ice with Tam and Aimee and Grandma Poulsen. We had so much fun. IT was Lilo and Stitch, Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Peter Pan. Brax loved it. It was really nice to have a little mommy and Daddy Time with Braxton. Thanks to Papa Poulsen for the tickets, also thank's to Grammy Poulsen for watching Caiden (this was the first time we left him). We had so much fun !!

Mar 9, 2009

Gary's Birthday!!!

Gary and Braxton getting ready to open presents
Gary and Brax blowing out the candles on the Cake

Braxton opening Gary's birthday presents

Our FIRST FAMILY Picture!!!

Today is Gary's 29Th birthday. I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know what a great husband and Father that Gary is. Braxton and Caiden are so lucky to have such a great daddy !!! I am so luck to have found a great guy to be my husband. Thanks Gar for being my best friend and a wonderful daddy to Braxton and Caiden.
We had the family come down to our house(since we are on some what lock down)for pizza and cake. It was a nice night we had Papa Poulsen and Stevi and Grandma Poulsen and Papa and Grammy Cooper. It was so fun to have everyone down. Thanks for all that