Sep 13, 2008


Today we got VIP tickets to the AST Dew Tour from my Dad. It was really funny we got there and saw the Line that went around the block to get in. I was thinking we are never going to get in here. Then a lady that worked there told me you don't have to stand in line you can go up to the front and go in there. It was really nice to walk past the 100's of people waiting in line. Then I find out that we have VIP seating also.

We had so much fun Braxton loved to watch the Motorcross. It was really funny we were there for a total of five min's and Braxton told us that he wanted a bike like this(Dirt Bike).We had so much fun. As we were leaving we saw Ryan Sheckler's (For those of you who don't know who he is, he's a pro skater) Mom and little Brother. Which was really cool. Thanks again Dad for the VIP Ticket's

Sep 8, 2008

Baby # 2 is on the WAY !!!!!

OK So I figured I better let the rest of you in on our news..........WE ARE 3 MONTHS PREGO !!!!! We are so excited !!!!! But this one is totally different then Braxton was. With Braxton I was not sick at all with Braxton I threw up TWICE !!! But this one is totally different I am nauseated and heartburn, and tired all the time!!!
I have had one ultrasound, which was a little nerve racking because one doc could not find the baby so she when and grabbed another Doc and for a min he could not find it either. But then he looked a little lower and found the little one. But all is good and we get another ultrasound next time and they said they might be able to find out what we are having !!!!!

Old School Gaming....

Ok so I could not find out find Gary and Braxton so I looked in Braxton's room and this is what I found. Brax and Gary playing Mario Cart on N64. So I ran and got my camera and snapped a cute picture.