Oct 10, 2009

Black Island Farms

So today we went to Black Island Farms (yes again). Today we went with some girls from work and their children. We had so much fun !! We went on the Hayride, played in the courtyard and Gary and Braxton went through the "NEW MOON" corn maze. They did this in record time !!! We even saw Kevin Eubank from KSL 5. He is suck a nice guy. If you are looking for a FUN family outting you need to go here !!!!

Brax and Gary on the Hayride.
Nic and her cute girls (Kate, Rory)

Gary and Brax playing on the hay slide

Caiden Loves being out side !!!

Brax riding on the Cow Train

What a cute picture spot !!!
My Boys Got lost in the corn ~~

Oct 9, 2009

Braxton's Field Trip

So today was Braxtons First Preschool Field Trip. We went to Black Island Farms !!! It was suck a blast here are a few pictures for the fun
Caiden LOVED playing in the corn
Braxton Loved the drums

Look at the cute pumpkins we got !!!!

Brax and Caiden playin the corn

MY BOYS !!!!


Brax in the Tree

Mom's Boy's