Mar 23, 2009

First Trip to Primary's

Today we had a appointment with Dr Matthew M. Grinsell, at the University of Utah. But prior to this appointment we had to go to Primary's to get a renal ultrasound. OK I better back up and tell you why we had to go down here in the first place.
Caiden had or still has we are not sure yet, a blood clot in his left Kidney. They found this out in the NICU 3 day's prior to his discharge. They said that he had some blood in his urine so they did an ultrasound and found the blood clot in the left kidney.
They told me that i would need to follow up with my pediatrician to do a f/u UA and a possible nother ultrasound, and an appointment with the Nephrologist down at Primary's if the blood clot was still there and the was still blood in his urine. Which there was so that brings us up today.
We(my mom went with me since Gary had to work) went to get the ultrasound and they were really nice down there. I could tell something was not right when the ultrasound tech called for the Radiologist to come and look at the ultrasound. He came in and looked at the ultrasound and asked for his history. I gave him this and he asked if we had an appointment with the Nephrologist(Kidney doc). I told him that we had one today following the ultrasound. He informed us that Caiden's left kidney is smaller and not functioning to its full capacity.
So he told us that he would call Dr. Grinsell and let them know what they had found.
So we headed over to see Dr. Grinsell he is a really nice doctor. What we found out is that Caiden only has one kidney that works, but he can survive on just the one Kidney , There is a small chance that the left kidney will come out of the non functioning but will never be a normal kidney. Caiden WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY SPORTS, Even with the non functioning kidney. Caiden will be able to do everything that a normal child or person can do. We will have to watch his blood pressure for the rest of his life since only having one kidney.
I asked the doctor's why he got the blood clot in the first place. Dr. Grinsell said that blood clots are more common in Preemie baby's. Another factor is the ART line that he had in his umbilical cord was another factor. He thinks that Caiden is doing well and need to come back in 3 months for Lab's and another ultrasound. I will keep everyone updated on this.
Weight 8 lbs 8 Oz
Leight 21.25 inches.

Mar 22, 2009


Playing Baseball
Out for a spin

Brax on his bike, Aimee in the Truck

Yesterday was the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! The weather has been really nice. So I have been stuck inside for the last few weeks, so the weather was nice and I was watching my cousin Aimee so the two little muckins wanted to go out side and play it was a nice day so I sat out side with them. They played baseball and rode bikes and the truck, and played in the dirt with the tractors. All in all it was a Fun Day !!!