Feb 27, 2009

Caiden Update

Today was another good day. Caiden ate all his feeding at 11pm, Most of the feeding at 2 am, Then all of his 5am , 8 am feeding. Then when Grammy Poulsen went up at 11 am he ate 75% of his feeding. This was really nice to have a little more time with Brax. Today Jen and I went to lunch with the kiddo's. This was really fun to get out with a friend that I have not seen in a while. Then I went up for the 2pm feeding which Caiden ate all of. Then Grammy and Papa Cooper came up with me to the 5 pm feeding so that they could help with Caiden's bath. It was really nice to have another set of hands there to help with the whole situation.

Family Photo's

Feb 26, 2009

A Few More Down !!! 2.26.09

Caiden worn out with all the visitor's
Grammy Cooper, Daddy and Caiden, (3 generations)

Grammy holding Caiden for the first time

Daddy and Brax playing out side of Caiden's room.

So today was a Great day!!! At the 2 am feeding he ate his whole bottle. Then at the 5 am feeding he at the whole 2 oz. Then when I was up there at 8 am he ate the whole 2 oz again. Then my mom when up at 11am and he did not eat for her. But she did get to hold him and love him. At the 2 pm feeding he ate the whole thing again, (he eat's for his mommy) Kati came up to the hospital with me and got to see Caiden throught the window.
Then at 5pm feeding Gary got to hold and love him for a while then I feed him and he ate 75 % of the feeding. We are moving in the right direction. They had me bring in my car seat to get checked out. So maybe soon!!!!
Yesterday we had a good day as well. He ate a lot and we had a lot of visitors Gammy and Papa Cooper came and then Grammy and Papa Poulsen joined the party!!! It was so fun!!! I just wanted to thank everyone for all there help with Brax and all the pray's and thoughts for Caiden

Feb 24, 2009

He did it !!! One Down

Caiden did it he drank his 2 oz bottle all by him self!!!! He has been having a little bit of a struggle getting the whole 2 oz down but tonight he did it!!! Yeah we are on our way to HOME!!!!
The nurse today gave me so hope that there is an end in site!!!! She started teaching me about all the stuff that we would need to do when we get home !!!! She also said that we need to bring our car seat in to be checked out !!! I was like there is an end in site!!!!

Feb 23, 2009

New Bed!!!!

Caiden eating !!!!
He's got clothes on !!!!

Mommy Feeding Caiden

When I went in to the Unit today at 8 am Caiden was in a Normal Bed with NO LIGHT'S!!!!
I was so happy and then I realized that he was wearing clothes. So I went home and got all my clothes that would fit him.
The nurse said that at the 5 am feeding he ate the whole 2 oz. I was so excited. So then I feed him and he ate 1/2 oz which was good.
At the 11 am feeding Grammy Poulsen went up there and held him for an hour and a half they did not let her feed him they did not want to over stress him.
At the 2pm feeding I got to feed him again and he ate 1 oz. I also was able to give him a bath since he had to have the repeat ultrasound on his head. Which was normal !!!
At the 5 pm feeding Gary came with me (he went back to work this week). Caiden ate 2 oz. I am so impressed with how well he is doing. I will keep you updated.

Feb 22, 2009

Bottle and Bath then Bed

Caiden fighting for the wash cloth
Happy after his bath

Caiden loved getting his hair washed!!!

Mommy Bathing Caiden

Daddy and Caiden

Caiden Drinking his Bottle !!!

Today we went up to the unit twice, we took Braxton with us at the 11am feeding. Brax was so happy to get to see his little brother. He got to come to the window and look in at him.
Caiden drank from a bottle he drank 1 1/2 oz of his 2 oz feeding. Which was really good except he through up when Gary was putting him back in bed. Not a lot just a little.
So then we went back up for the 5 pm feeding and this time we left Braxton with Grandma Poulsen(Thanks for watching him) !!!
Caided drank 1 oz of the 2 oz and did not puck this time !!! YEAH !!!! Then we got to give him a little sponge bath which he did not like, as you can see he was trying to rip the wash cloth out of my hand. But just like his Big Brother he LOVED getting his hair washed!!!! It was so nice to get to hold him and wash him I felt like a mom again.
Caiden is still on the Billie Light just one. His Billie is 10.3 which has gone down from yesterday of 12.7 but they want it a little lower before they take him off the lights. Then he can get out of the Isolate and in a normal crib. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prays!!!!