Feb 1, 2011


Showing Caiden the mask

Caiden does not like the treatment.

So it all started Friday when Caiden started to have a cough. I didn't think anything about it thought is as normal. Then Sunday he was so not him self HIGH fever, and he did not SLEEP at all that night. I got the feeling that I should take him in cause he was not eatting or drinking.
So we went to the see our great Dr. Sialis. It as funny we did not even make it in to the room and Caiden started coughing, they did a FLU Test = Negative, Strep Test= Negative
So Dr.Sialis comes in and listens to his Lungs , look's in his ears and throat and look's at me and said the THREE LETTERS THAT I WAS DREADEING
So Caiden get's to do Breathing Treatments ever 4 hours. As you can see he does not like them.
He slept a little better last night. But the bad news is that I can't take him to daycare the rest of the week. So WE ARE STUCK HOME FOR A WEEK. :(


Izzy said...

You can do it! at times like this a family's bond glows brighter and closer together!

Maybe you guys can draw? when was the last time you drew with a crayola? or maybe do some story playing, where you could be a captive in a kingdom and he and his brother will be the rescuers. Anyway. hope everything turns out great int eh end! :)

Anonymous said...

think of the time you'll be sending together...collect memories that last a lifetime....:)